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A series of aerial images traveling from Alberta to Texas.  Full article

A trio of aerial images showing mountains, reservoirs, and agriculture in Wyoming  Full article

An aerial view of the Laguna del Perro in Torrance County, New Mexico.  Full article

A series of aerial photographs from Arizona, New Mexico, and Kansas.  Full article

A trio of images from a flight passing over South Greenland and Maine's Moosehead Lake.  Full article

A pair of images showing East Greenland mountains and California's Mount Shasta.  Full article

A pair of aerial images from Colorado and Utah.  Full article

A pair of aerial images showing uninhabited islands in the Florida Keys.  Full article

A series of aerial images from the mountains of New Mexico to the shores of Lake Michigan.  Full article

An aerial view of Lake Mead and the Nevada desert.  Full article

A series of images from a flight across the United States, featuring a view of Arizona's Meteor Crater.  Full article

An excellent view of the farmland in California's Central Valley, north of Sacramento.  Full article

An aerial view of western US landscapes from Colorado, Wyoming, and Washington State.  Full article

Three images from the American southwest, showing canyons in New Mexico, the Mexican border in California, and a large wind farm.  Full article

Three aerial images from the American Southwest, showing dramatic views of the desert landscape.  Full article

A trio of images from a flight to Los Angeles, showing the desert landscapes of Nevada and southern California.  Full article

Two views of the California landscape east of San Francisco.  Full article

Two images showing the remote mountains and deserts of Nevada.  Full article

The second post this week pairing images from Greenland and California.   Full article

Aerial views from a trip from Amsterdam to San Francisco, passing over the Scottish Inner Hebrides, Greenland, and Point Reyes in California.  Full article

An aerial view of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.  Full article

A set of images starting in Iceland, ending in Arizona, and passing over Greenland in between.  Full article

An aerial view of the central portion of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States.  Full article

A pair of panoramic aerial images showing wind farms in New Mexico.  Full article

A detailed aerial image of the White River snaking through the mountains of western Colorado.  Full article

A high-resolution aerial shot of the farms and canyons of southwestern Nebraska.  Full article

An image featuring Molokai's northwestern tip, Ilio Point.  Full article

A series of images showing landscapes from across the American west, including a nuclear test site in Nevada.  Full article

A pair of images from along the California / Nevada border, showing an agricultural valley and a pair of volcanos.  Full article

This long series of high-resolution images shows scenes of the southwestern American landscape.  Full article

A snowy image from Colorado, showing housing developments northeast of Denver.  Full article

An image from the Umpqua National Forest in Oregon, showing patterns created by agriculture and logging.  Full article

Agricultural fields in Arizona  Full article

A series of ten aerial images showing the landscape of central California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco  Full article

Two images spanning the North American continent, from Canada's Baffin Island to the Oregon/Washington border.  Full article

Three images of California, showing the San Francisco Peninsula and Soda Lake in the Mohave Desert.  Full article

The oil fields of West Texas, as shot by Flickr user eastlincolnstreet.  Full article

This spectacular image shows the entire 35-mile span of the Salton Sea in southern California.  Full article

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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