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An image of the A.P. Bernstorf Glacier in East Greenland, showing evidence of glacial retreat.  Full article

A series of landscapes from East and West Greenland, showing mountains, glaciers, and coastal views.  Full article

A high-resolution image showing the Glacier de France in East Greenland  Full article

An aerial photograph of the glaciers at the head of the Anoritûp Kangerdlua fjord in East Greenland.  Full article

A cross-section of South Greenland, with an extensive series of aerial images from the east coast, the west coast, and the landscapes in between.  Full article

A tour of several locations in Greenland, showing mountains, glaciers, fjords, and coastal islands.  Full article

Aerial views from a trip from Amsterdam to San Francisco, passing over the Scottish Inner Hebrides, Greenland, and Point Reyes in California.  Full article

A series of images showing coastal islands and glaciers in East Greenland, with some evidence of glacial retreat.  Full article

An aerial view of the Kangikitsuak fjord, showing detailed ice patterns and evidence of glacial retreat.  Full article

Three images of the glaciers and fjords of southern Greenland  Full article

A series of images from both Iceland and Greenland, showing Iceland's Vatnajökull icecap, and one of Greenland's largest glaciers.  Full article

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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