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Mongolia and China

Ulan Bator, Mongolia - aerial photograph

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Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Here are three images from Mongolia and China, posted by Flickr user Lo M. The first image shows Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. The photo looks northeast across the southern part of the city. The Tuul River runs diagonally through the photo, from the center foreground to the upper right.

Shanxi province mountains - aerial photograph

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Shanxi province mountains

Next we move on to China, with this image of a mountain range on the border between China's Shanxi and Hebei provinces. The border runs horizontally across the center of the photo, with Shanxi in the foreground and Hebei in the background.

Hebei province, China - aerial photograph

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Hebei province, China

About 40 kilometers east, the final image shows canyons and farmland in western Hebei province, near the town of Xinyao.


Photos taken: November 15, 2008

Photos by: Lo M

Route: Frankfurt to Beijing


wtf is this about?
can't you just think that google took the picture in winter time???

Not sure what you mean, Ubold. The Google Earth images are captured at various times throughout the year. The China images here don't look like they were captured in the winter, but it's hard to be sure.

Hi, it's surprising to find my pictures on your website. I must tell you that it's quite interesting to compare my pics with the Google view. Concerning the Ulan Bator view, the google view is just not matching perfectly but for the two others, it's amazing. This helps me to locate exactly the position of the spot. Of course i would have prefered you asked me before posting on your website ;-)


Lo M

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