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Greenland and Canada

Qioqe Point, West Greenland - aerial photograph

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Qioqe Point, West Greenland

Flickr user jhitz recently posted this series of high-resolution images from Greenland and Canada. We start on Greenland's west coast, with this photo looking north at the mountains and fjords along the northern shore of the Umanak Fjord. In the center is Qioqe Point, and at left is Upernivik Island. Between them runs the Pakavsa Channel, and at right is the Kangerdluarssuk Fjord.


Here's another view of the same area, taken by Flickr user Vlad Butsky in July 2006.

Igdlorssuit Island, West Greenland - aerial photograph

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Igdlorssuit Island, West Greenland

About 30 kilometers west, we have this view of Igdlorssuit Island, which lies in the center of Umanak Fjord. The photo looks north along the eastern coast of the island, with the Naqerloq valley spidering through the flatlands in the foreground, and mountains rising to the north toward Ingia Cape, the island's northernmost point.


Flickr user David Gerhard captured this view of the whole of teardrop-shaped Igdlorssuit Island in June, 2007.

Photo (© David Gerhard)
See original post.

Banff National Park, Alberta - aerial photograph

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Banff National Park, Alberta

For the final image, we travel to the Canadian Rockies for this shot of Banff National Park on the border between Alberta and British Columbia. The image looks west over the rugged terrain, with the Spray River Valley in the foreground and the Sundance Range running diagonally through the center foreground.


Photos taken: October 24, 2008

Photos by: jhitz

Route: London to San Francisco

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