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Greenland and Maine

South Greenland nunataks - aerial photograph

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South Greenland nunataks

Flickr user skybound posted this series of photos from a flight passing over Greenland and the northeast United States. The first photo looks north over an isolated outcropping of nunataks protruding through the icecap in South Greenland. The icecap stretches north in an unbroken expanse for over 2,000 kilometers from this location.

South Greenland nunataks - aerial photograph

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South Greenland nunataks

About 30 km southwest, and closer to the edge of the icecap, the next image shows smaller groups of nunataks near the center of the image, and, in the foreground, the mountains lying along the upper reaches of South Greenland's Qôrqup Sermia glacier.

Moosehead Lake, Maine - aerial photograph

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Moosehead Lake, Maine

Finally, we continue on another 2,400 km southwest to this image of Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in the state of Maine. Moosehead contains many islands, including Sugar Island (the large island in the center-right foreground) and Deer Island (the slightly smaller island in the center foreground). Other lakes visible here include Brassua Lake (right-center), Long Pond (beneath the contrail at center), and Indian Pond (left-center). The town of Greenville, Maine, lies at the southern end of the lake, in the lower-left corner of the image.


Photos taken: December 22, 2007

Photos by: skybound

Route: Helsinki to New York


The route was Helsinki (Finland, EU) to NY ;-)

Hi there,

I located your wonderful site today, and am curious as to how you go about the precise location of what is in a photograph?
I've spent some time in Google-Earth trying to do the same with aerial photographs of my own, but only seem to be able to "replicate" the major landmarks of which I knew. Some photos I took of the US-plains, and spots deep in the Colorado Rockies -- where would I even begin?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated;

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