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Greenland mountains and glaciers

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Kronborg Glacier, East Greenland

Flickr user St Lazare recently posted this set of images from East and West Greenland. The photos start in the east, with this close-up image of the Kronborg Glacier. The glacier flows from the top of the image toward the bottom, and is about 4 km wide at the point shown here.


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Nunataks, East Greenland

The next image shows a wide view of the fields of nunataks lying about 25 km west of the Kronborg Glacier.


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Appat Island, West Greenland

For the final image, we travel about 900 km further west, across Greenland's interior icecap, to this view of the islands off the western coast. The large island near the center of the photo is Appat. To its right lie the smaller islands of Sagdleq and Qeqertat. Note the icebergs dotting the water in the foreground.


Photos taken: September 24, 2007

Photos by: St Lazare

Route: Unknown

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