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Greenland and California mountains

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East Greenland mountains

Flickr user rulecam posted this pair of images, probably from a flight from northern Europe to San Francisco. The first image comes from East Greenland, providing an excellent view of the mountains and glaciers southwest of Cape Brewster. The image looks northeast across the mountains, with the waters of Scoresbysund faintly visible in the far distance.


This area is a popular target for aerial photographers. Here are two other views from around the same angle, taken by Flickr users ascendent and feepk.

Photo (© ascendent)
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Photo (© feepk)
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Mount Shasta, California

Almost 6,000 km away, the next image provides a beautiful view of Mount Shasta, the fifth-highest peak in California at 4,322 meters.


Photos taken: November 7, 2007

Photos by: rulecam

Route: Amsterdam to San Francisco


Hey, cool that you provided me with some extra info on my photos. I was on a flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco.

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