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Düsseldorf to Vancouver, part 2

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Rink Isbrae, West Greenland

This is the second set of images from Flickr user banthafood's flight from Düsseldorf to Vancouver. The first set shows images from East Greenland; this set covers West Greenland, and starts with this view of the terminus of the Rink Isbrae (glacier), which flows into the Kangilleq Fjord, north of West Greenland's Disko Island.


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Umiamako Isbrae, West Greenland

The next image provides a superb view of the Umiamako Isbrae, a large glacier just north of the Rink Isbrae from the previous image. The section of glacier visible here stretches about 40 km to its terminus, visible near the center of the image, where the glacier discharges thousands of tons of icebergs into the Kerrat Sound.


Here's another view of the Umiamako Isbrae, taken by Flickr user ascendent, taken in September, 2006.

Photo (© ascendent)
See original post.


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Isuliarfik Peak, West Greenland

The next image shows the western edge of Greenland's inland icecap, marked by several nunataks poking through the icecap. To the right of the lake near the center of the image is the mountain of Isuliarfik; the next image provides a close-up view of the glacial lake visible just below this mountain.


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Meltwater lake, Isuliarfik Peak, West Greenland

Visible just below Isuliarfik Peak in the previous image, this glacial lake is formed by the meltwater from one of the tongues of ice protruding from the inland icecap. Note that in the Google Earth image of the same area, the lake is frozen. This may indicate that the glacier has receeded since the Google Earth image was taken, or it might just represent seasonal variation in the position of the glacier terminus.


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Equlugaarsuit Sulluat inlet, West Greenland

Slightly further west, the next image shows the Equlugaarsuit Sulluat inlet, the easternmost portion of the Laxefjord, visible at left.


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Manitsoq Island, West Greenland

We continue further west, reaching the coast, and this great view, showing the coastal islands, the iceberg-dotted fjords, and the icecap sending out glacial tongues toward the sea. At the center of the image is Manitsoq Island, with Puguta Island to the left, and Naujanguaq Island in the foreground.


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Kangilleq Nunatak, West Greenland

Looking back on the glaciers at the edge of the icecap, we have this close-up view of a glacier flowing into the Upernavik Fjord, with the Kangilleq Nunatak visible at right.


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Qaneq Island, West Greenland

The final image shows islands further offshore, with the horseshoe-shaped Qaneq Island visible at center, and Sisuarigsut Island at right. Note the line of icebergs in the foreground; the largest of these is about a kilometer across.


Photos taken: July 22, 2007

Photos by: banthafood

Route: Düsseldorf to Vancouver

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