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Across South Greenland

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East Greenland coastline

This set of images from Flickr user koldito crosses over the southern portion of Greenland. The first image starts on Greenland's eastern coast, showing Ruds Island near the center of the frame. In the lower left is the edge of the Puisortoq Glacier, and in the left-center, the larger mass of ice is the Sikuijivittip Apusia icecap.


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Ikermiut Island, East Greenland

Slightly further north along the coastline, this image provides a closer view of the island of Ikermiut, which is visible in the upper right of the previous image. Above the island is the mouth of the Mogens Heinesen Fjord.


Apparently the island of Ikermiut is photographed fairly frequently. Here's a shot of the island locked in by ice floes, taken by Flickr user Iglet in April 2006...

Photo (© Iglet)
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...and here's another view, by NightrainLane showing the island free of ice and snow in September 2005.

Photo (© NightrainLane)
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East Greenland nunataks

About 50 km inland, the next image shows Greenland's frozen interior, with several nunataks poking through the ice. In the foreground is the nunatak field known as Husfjeldet; in the background is the Mogens Heinesen Fjord.


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Sermiligârssuk Bræ, West Greenland

For the final image, we travel a further 280 km west, across the southern portion of Greenland's inland icecap, to find this image of the large Sermiligârssuk Bræ glacier, which measures almost four kilometers wide. In the lower right is the smaller Sioralik Bræ glacier.


Here's another view of the Sermiligârssuk Bræ, taken by Flickr user Iglet in 2006.

Photo (© Iglet)
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Photos taken: October 30, 2007

Photos by: koldito

Route: Unknown

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