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Iceland, Greenland, and Nunavut

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Höfn, Iceland

Here's a series of images from Flickr user palestrina55, passing over Iceland, Greenland, and northern Canada. The first image comes from the east coast of Iceland, south of the Vatnajökull icecap. The icecap is visible under the wing at left, with the Hofellsjökull glacier protruding from the icecap. The tip of the Fláajökull glacier can be seen at far left, toward the foreground. Here's a ground-level view of this glacier. In the lower right is the Icelandic town of Höfn.


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Sortebra Glacier, East Greenland

The next image takes us to East Greenland, showing the rugged mountains and glaciers south of Cape Brewster. Running horizontally just above center in this image is the Sortebra Glacier.


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Borggraven Glacier, East Greenland

Slightly further west, the next image shows the Borggraven Glacier (at right, partially obscured by clouds).


Here's another view of the same section of the Borggraven Glacier, taken in May 2007 by Flickr user hjselde.

Photo (© hjselde)
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Alfred Wegener Peninsula, West Greenland

We now travel another 900 km west, to the western coast of Greenland. This image shows the fjords surrounding the Alfred Wegener Peninsula (at center).


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Karrat Sound, West Greenland

Now just off the coast of West Greenland, we see the Umimamako Brae, a large glacier flowing south into the Karrat Sound. In the center foreground is the small island of Kingusak; behind it is the larger island of Karrat, site of the village of Nuliarfik (on the right side of the island).


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Thelon River, Nunavut, Canada

Another 2,000 kilometers southwest brings us to the Canadian territory of Nunavut, near the border with the Northwest Territory. The image shows the east end of Beverly Lake, at left under the wing, and in the foreground the winding waterways of the Thelon River. At right, the sandy wash of the Tibielik River merges with the Thelon from the north.


Photos taken: July 27, 2004

Photos by: palestrina55

Route: $route

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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