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Libyan agriculture

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Irrigated fields in Al Jawf, Libya

Flickr user posted this image of a center-pivot irrigation project in the Sahara desert in southeastern Libya. The project lies just east of the Libyan city of Al Jawf. Desert-based irrigation projects such as this one typically drill thousands of feet underground to tap fossil water deposits. There are a half-dozen or so such projects in Libya; this is one of the largest, with almost 100 irrigated fields, each over one kilometer in diameter. If you view this area in Google Maps or Google Earth, you can also see some unusual hexagonal fields lying just west of the circular fields.


Photos taken: November 18, 2005

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Route: Unknown

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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