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Greenland fjords and islands

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Lindenows Fjord, South Greenland

Flickr user Andrew Warrington posted this pair of images from southern Greenland, taken on a flight from Dubai to New York. Most of our Greenland shots come from flights between Europe and the west coast of North America, but these images show that direct flights between the Middle East and the east coast can pass over Greenland as well. The direct route from Dubai to New York passes about 550 kilometers south of Greenland, but westbound flights in the northern hemisphere often travel north of the shortest-path route to minimize exposure to the prevailing westerly winds. The first image shows Lindenows Fjord (or Kangerlussuatsiaq in Greenlandic), looking south toward the waters of the North Atlantic in the distance. Several glaciers feed into each of the two arms of the fjord, accounting for the large volume of ice that can be seen in the fjord here.


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Kitsigsut Islands, South Greenland

The next image shows the Kitsigsut Islands off the southwestern tip of Greenland. The coast of Greenland is in the lower left, and a host of islands stretches across the center of the photo. The main islands near the center of the image are Ikatut (just above center), Takisavssuaq (just below center), and Angisoq (right-center).


Photos taken: May 11, 2007

Photos by: Andrew Warrington

Route: Dubai to New York (JFK)

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