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Glaciers in Greenland and Baffin Island

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Dendritgletscher, East Greenland

Here's a pair of black-and-white images from Flickr user mattmiz, showing extraordinary detail and texture in the glaciers of Greenland and Canada's Baffin Island. The first image shows the Dendritgletscher in East Greenland. This is one of Greenland's most spectacular glaciers, stretching for over 90 kilometers and marked with an extensive system of medial moraines, formed by the debris carried into the confluence of smaller glaciers as they merge. In the larger-scale images shown below, the moraines are quite evident as dark stripes running along the length of the glacier. In the close-up image here (taken in March 2007), the moraines are covered with fresh snowfall, and their dark color is less evident. The high-resolution version of this photo has even more detail, with the uneven surface texture of the glacier plainly visible.


Here are two other images of the Dendritgletscher, showing a wider view of the glacier and providing a good look at its extensive system of medial moraines. Both of these photographs were taken in the summer, when the glacier surface is free of snow and the moraines are more evident.

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The next image shows a glacier in the northern portion of Canada's Baffin Island, about 40 kilometers southeast of the town of Pond Inlet. Again, see the high-resolution image for a great view of the details in this image, such as the surface texture of the ice, and the smaller glacier that intrudes from the right side onto the main glacier.


Photos taken: March 16, 2007

Photos by: mattmiz

Route: Unknown

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