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Southwest Iceland landscapes

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Keflavík, Iceland

This series of images from Flickr user dumbledad shows the landscape of southwestern Iceland. The first image shows the town of Keflavík, just northwest of the international airport.


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Keflavík, Iceland

The next image shows a harbor just north of the town of Keflavík. The orange lighthouse that sits at the tip of the headland is clearly visible in the photograph.


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Kleifarvatn, Iceland

This image shows Kleifarvatn, a large lake about 30 kilometers east of Keflavík. This lake sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. An earthquake in 2000 opened a fissure beneath the lake, and water began draining into the fissure like "water down the sink", with the water level dropping at a rate of about one centimeter per day. The water levels have since since stabilized, and the lake has begun to return to its former state before the earthquake. See this page for images of the fissure, and water flowing out of the lake into the fissure.


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Reykjavík, Iceland

The final image looks north to Iceland's capital, Reykjavík, visible in the center of the image. At left center is the town of Hafnarfjörður.


Photos taken: March 19, 2007

Photos by: dumbledad

Route: Keflavik, Iceland to London


Thanks Jonathan, I'm really excited to see the photos Kate took on our flight back alongside the satallite pictures. Fantastic work. You can see some of the amount of development there has been in the difference between the Google shot of Keflavík and mine. Thanks again.

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