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Tiree and Coll, Scottish Inner Hebrides

Here's a trio of images from Flickr user paolovalde, on a trip from Amsterdam to San Francisco. The first image shows the islands of Tiree and Coll in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Tiree, in the center and lower left, is home to about 800 people. The small airport can be seen near the center of the photo. Coll, in the upper right, has a population of about 200.


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Isunnguata Sermia glacier, West Greenland

The next image shows the western edge of Greenland's inland icecap, about 325 kilometers north of its capital, Nuuk. In the center is the Isunnguata Sermia glacier, and in the background is the smaller Inuppaat Quuat glacier. There is some evidence of glacial retreat in comparing the glacier in the foreground with the Google Earth image.


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Point Reyes, California

Finally, we have this scenic shot of Drakes Bay and Point Reyes, in the Point Reyes National Seashore in California, north of San Francisco. The large lagoon known as Drakes Estero is visible as a blue inlet just to the right of the headland.


Photos taken: March 22, 2007

Photos by: paolovalde

Route: Amsterdam to San Francisco


Amazing post, thank you very much! The flight was indeed from Amsterdam.

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