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Greenland landscapes

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East Greenland fjords

This series of shots from Flickr user Miss_Rachel crosses Greenland from east to west, showing the dramatically different landscapes of the two coasts. The first two shots come from East Greenland, showing the high, snow-covered mountains and twisting fjords of the central portion of East Greenland. In the first image, the Akorninap Kangerdlua fjord winds through the center of the image. Above it, the Rolf Krage Halvo peninusla divides the upper end of the Joettefjorden fjord into two branching arms, one of which is partially frozen.


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East Greenland fjords

In this image, the Akorninap Kangerdlua fjord is now in the foreground, with the head of the fjord visible at left center, where the Thrym glacier flows into the fjord.


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Kangaussarssup Sermia glacier, West Greenland

We now travel 410 km west across the inland icecap, arriving at the western edge of the icecap. This image shows the edge of the icecap at right, with the large Kangaussarssup Sermia glacier in the foreground flowing across the flatter, glacier-scoured landscape. In the background is the Kangiata Nun√Ęta Sermia glacier, with several smaller glaciers feeding into it from the top of the image.


Here's another view of the same glaciers, taken on the same day as the photo above, but from a different flight.

Photo (© lilber277)
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The final image shows the large, flat Akia peninsula on the west coast, north of Greenland's capital, Nuuk. The peninsula has a vast expanse of low hills and a complex, fractal coastline.


Here's another view of the Akia peninsula, taken about a year earlier from slightly further south.

Photo (© rrock_us)
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Photos taken: February 28, 2007

Photos by: Miss_Rachel

Route: Unknown

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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