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Greenland and California

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Sondre Skjoldungesund fjord, East Greenland

Here's a pair of images from Flickr user minor9th, one from Greenland and one from California. The first is from Greenland (you didn't think this was California, did you?). It shows the coast of East Greenland, with the mouth of the Sondre Skjoldungesund fjord at the center. Just above the entrance to the fjord is the small, flat island of Anarnitsoq. At right center is Cape Jewel.


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San Bernadino Mountains, California

The next image comes from California, showing the San Bernadino Mountains northeast of Los Angeles. In the center foreground, a large letter "R" is carved into the mountainside (see the original photo for a better view), a reference to the nearby city of Redlands, CA. The letter is about 350 feet high. In the distance, the light-colored patch of the Lucerne Dry Lake is visible.

Be sure to also check out this fantastic photo from the same flight, showing swirling ice patterns off the coast of Greenland.


Photos taken: March 27, 2007

Photos by: minor9th

Route: Unknown


Stunning - thanks for taking the time to do this.

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