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East Greenland mountains and fjords

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Nunatak, East Greenland

Flickr user ascendent continues to post sharp, highly detailed aerial photographs of Greenland (and many other locations around the world). This series was taken in August, 2004, and recently posted to Flickr. It shows a wide variety of landscapes, taken over a 70 kilometer section of East Greenland. The first image is a lovely shot of an arc-shaped nunatak, lit by a just-risen sun. Note the contrast between the smooth textures of the snow at the bottom of the frame, and the fissured patterns at the top of the frame.


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Glaciers, East Greenland

The next image shows an interesting glacial system at the head of Danells Fjord. At the far right of the image, two glaciers merge almost head-on, producing unusual swirling patterns in the ice. Normally glacial flow is smooth and even, and this type of swirling, chaotic pattern of ice flow is not often seen in Greenland.


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Fjords, East Greenland

Next we have a view of two East Greenland fjords. The southern part of East Greenland has a series of around seven long, straight, parallel fjord systems. This image shows two of them - in the foreground is Igutsaat Fjord, and in the background is Avarqat Kangerdluat. Actually, the photo shows the glaciers that flow into the fjords, but the ice ends just out of frame to the right, marking the start of the fjords proper.


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Sarqap Nua bay, East Greenland

Finally, the last image shows the Sarqap Nua bay north of Danells Fjord, with several small glaciers feeding into the bay, and an extraordinary swirling pattern of icebergs in the center of the bay. The largest ice floe, just below the island near the center of the frame, is approximately 300 meters long.


Photos taken: August 8, 2004

Photos by: ascendent

Route: Unknown

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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