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Fish Lake Valley, California / Nevada

Flickr user Tolka Rover has posted a pair of photos from the mountains along the California - Nevada border. This image shows Fish Lake Valley, which straddles the border northeast of the town of Bishop, CA. The border runs diagonally through this photo - the lower left is California, and the upper right is Nevada.


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Crater Flat, Nevada

This image shows a pair of lava cones located on the Crater Flat, southeast of the town of Beatty, NV. The cone in the foreground is Red Cone, and the one in the left-center is Black Cone, which rises around 500 feet above the surrounding flatlands. These cones were formed by volcanic eruptions approximately 1 million years ago.


Photos taken: January 11, 2007

Photos by: Tolka Rover

Route: San Francisco to Las Vegas

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