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East Greenland landscapes

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Snow-covered East Greenland coastline

Flickr user dzittin has posted two images of the snow-covered mountains of East Greenland. The first image shows a landscape almost entirely covered by snow, except for a patch of bare rock in the lower right and a patch of open water in the upper right. The image shows a small fjord just north of East Greenland's Kialernup Kangerdlua fjord. Curving from the center foreground to the right center is the frozen water of this small fjord. The sea is visible in the upper-right corner, mostly frozen but with a small patch of open water. Just below the open water is the island of Ikerasangmiut.


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East Greenland nunatak

The second image is one of the most artistic aerial images that have been posted on not so green. The subtle colors and sensual curves of the mountains and shadows create a truly spectacular image. It's often difficult to precisely locate close-up nunatak images like this one, but in this case, the proximity to the image above narrows down the location considerably, and increases the confidence level of this location ID. Google Earth's low-resolution coverage of Greenland makes this particularly difficult, but if you carefully trace the details of the photograph of the and compare to the Google Earth screenshot, you'll see that they correspond almost exactly. Bear in mind also that the lighting is different in the two shots, which makes a big difference, since most of what you are seeing in the low-resolution Google Earth screenshot is actually the shadows of the mountains rather than the mountains themselves. In the photograph, the light is coming from the lower right corner, while the Google Earth image is lit from the right.


Photos taken: February 24, 2007

Photos by: dzittin

Route: Unknown

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