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Two photos of Scoresbysund

Flickr user jurvetson posted two spectacular images taken in the vicinity of Scoresbysund in northeastern Greenland. These pictures were taken on a flight from Copenhagen to Seattle.

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The Dendritgletscher in northeastern Greenland.

The Dendritgletscher is one of the largest glaciers in Greenland, stretching over 55 miles from its origin in the Geikie Plateau to its calving front, visible here, which is over four miles wide. The glacier has an extensive system of medial moraines (the dark lines striping the central portions of the glacier), which are formed by debris carried into the confluence of tributary glaciers.

The image on the left is jurvetson's photo, which was taken on July 20, 2005. The image on the right is the location as viewed in Google Earth, showing approximately the same perspective from which the photo was taken.

As with all image comparisons on not so green, clicking on the photo on the left will take you to the photo page on Flickr, where you can view larger versions and see additional notes from the photographer. Clicking on the Google Earth image on the right will give you a larger version of this image. To view the location in Google Earth yourself, click the "View in GE" link under the right-hand image (you need to have Google Earth installed on your computer, of course).

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Glaciers along the western edge of Scoresbysund.

This shot shows two glaciers about 100 miles northwest of the previous shot. The glacier on the left is the Gåsegletscher, flowing into the head of the Gåsefjord, which runs across the center of the frame. Both glaciers feature extensive and sharply-defined systems of medial moraines, similar to those seen in Dendritgletscher above.

Photos taken: July 20, 2005

Photos by: jurvetson

Route: Copenhagen to Seattle (SAS)

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