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Trio of Greenland images

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Sokongen Island, East Greenland

The area southwest of Cape Brewster in East Greenland features fabulous folded mountain terrain. The many scalloped indentations in the mountains hold permanent snow pockets, and make dramatic scenery, as seen here in this image by Flickr user ascendent. The island in the right-center is Sokongen Island. The fjords are Jensens Fjord (in the foreground), and Nansens Fjord (in the upper right).


Compare the image above with the image below of the same location by Flickr user ben4oneyear, taken about nine months earlier in the same location. It's always interesting to compare the positions of glacier termini in different shots of the same location. Here, we can see that the terminal face of the glacier in the top of the image (the Christian IV Gletscher) is almost identical in shape and position in these two images.

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Umiamako Isbrae, West Greenland

This shot shows the massive Umiamako Isbrae glacier, in West Greenland north of Disko Island. This shot is somewhat unusual in that most international air routes do not pass this far north, so the glaciers and mountains of this part of West Greenland are much less frequently photographed relative to those to the east and south. The mountains on the right are the Akuliarusinnguaq Mountains.


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Qingua Bay, East Greenland

This iceberg-filled bay is about 400 miles south of the previous images, and was probably taken on a different flight. The waters of the bay show great details in the many different sizez of icebergs. This is Qingua Bay, and the channel leading to the upper right is called Dietrichsons Sund.


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Photos by: ascendent

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You've made the most excellent use of my photos, I never thought anyone would be able to nail them like this. Brilliant, and thanks.

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