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Greenland glaciers and coastline

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Islands and peninsulas in West Greenland

This spectacular series of high-resolution images by Flickr user Vlad Butsky covers both East and West Greenland. The first image presented here is from northern West Greenland, showing the Alfred Wegener Peninsula (at right) and part of Upernivik Island (at left).

Compare the above image of Alfred Wegener Peninsula to the one below by Stewf, taken in November 2006.

Photo (© Stewf)
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Kista Dan and Magga Dan Glaciers

We now shift to East Greenland, for this shot showing the confluence of the Kista Dan (at lower right) and Magga Dan (at center right) glaciers. The enormous volume of icebergs generated by these glaciers can be seen by the thick stream of white ice flowing into the Gåsefjord.


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The Sydbræ Glacier in East Greenland

About 30 miles east of the previous shot, this image shows the beautiful Sydbræ Glacier flowing into the Gåsefjord. This glacier, like many in this area, shows prominent medial moraines, the dark lines in the middle of the glacier, formed by material carried into the interior of the glacier by the merger of smaller glaciers. You can see this happening in the confluence of the two smaller glaciers at the right-center of the photo.


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The Steno Bræ Glacier in East Greenland

This photo shows the confluence of several smaller glaciers to form the Steno Bræ Glacier, about 55 miles southeast of the Sydbræ Glacier.


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Cape Brewster

This image shows Cape Brewster, which marks the southern entrance to Scorsebysund, the world's largest fjord. The land stretches away toward Cape Brewster in the upper right. Just visible on the horizon at the top of the photo is Cape Tobin, which marks the northern edge of Scoresbysund.


Other shots from this series, taken the same day as the photo above. Click the photo to go to the Flickr photo page, or the Google Earth icon to view the photo in Google Earth.

Photos taken: July 18, 2006

Photos by: Vlad Butsky

Route: Unknown

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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