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A trio of images from Flickr user ascendent from three different parts of Greenland.  Full article

The Søndre Sermilik Fjord, in southern Greenland  Full article

A closeup view of intersecting fjords in West Greenland  Full article

The edge of the inland icecap in West Greenland, with the Sarqap Sermia glacier.  Full article

Three images showing the mountains, lakes, and plains of New Zealand's South Island  Full article

A snow-covered shot of the Kaskawulsh Glacier in Canada's Yukon Territory.  Full article

Agricultural fields in Arizona  Full article

Three images of the glaciers and fjords of southern Greenland  Full article

A spectacular series of images showing the tropical islands and atolls of the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean.  Full article

A series of ten aerial images showing the landscape of central California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco  Full article

Two images spanning the North American continent, from Canada's Baffin Island to the Oregon/Washington border.  Full article

Three images of California, showing the San Francisco Peninsula and Soda Lake in the Mohave Desert.  Full article

Images of the coastline and spectacular glaciers, from both East and West Greenland  Full article

This image shows the Alfred Wegener Peninsula in West Greenland.  Full article

A series of images from both Iceland and Greenland, showing Iceland's Vatnajökull icecap, and one of Greenland's largest glaciers.  Full article

High-resolution shots of a small village in Jordan.  Full article

Three aerial images showing a chain of circular lakes and an eroded river valley in Western Australia, north of Perth.  Full article

The Sondre Sermilik fjord and the coastline of southern Greenland.  Full article

A magnificent series of high-resolution images from the northern part of East Greenland.  Full article

An aerial image showing the Spanish town of Mataró.  Full article

A series of five images showing the glaciers and fjords of southern Greenland, including Igaliku Fjord.  Full article

A beautiful shot showing the Nile River flowing through the desert of northern Sudan.  Full article

This set of 21 images by ten different users presents an aerial tour of the mountains, fjords, and glaciers of East Greenland's rugged coast.  Full article

The oil fields of West Texas, as shot by Flickr user eastlincolnstreet.  Full article

A series of images showing the glaciers, fjords, and coastal islands of eastern Greenland.  Full article

The sun reflects off the braided delta of the MacArthur River on Australia's Gulf of Carpentaria.  Full article

This series of images shows the three major glaciers feeding into the Sermilik fjord: the Midgårdgletscsher, the Helheimgletscher, and the Fernisgletscher.  Full article

This aerial photo shows a large glacier in the Andes mountains of southern Chile.  Full article

A series of four images showing the long straight fjords of southeastern Greenland.  Full article

This spectacular image shows the entire 35-mile span of the Salton Sea in southern California.  Full article

A pair of photos showing the coast of Denmark.  Full article

This series of photos by MooseNY320 shows the fjords of southern Greenland.  Full article

Here's a great image by Hady Khandani, showing Gerard de Geer Glacier in northeastern Greenland.  Full article

Flickr user jurvetson posted two spectacular images taken in the vicinity of Scoresbysund in northeastern Greenland.   Full article

Not so green showcases aerial photographs from Greenland and from around the world taken by Flickr users, and locates each image on a map using Google Maps and Google Earth. More details.

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